2 way arrow dripper . precise flow

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Discover the versatility of the 2 way Arrow Drippers Set, a must-have for farm and garden irrigation systems, especially well-suited for drip irrigation in Kenya. These arrow-shaped drippers, available in bend (crooked) and straight variants, earn their name from their distinct arrow-like configuration.

Upgrade your drip irrigation setup with the 2 way Arrow Drippers Set, especially those from Hortitechno, to enjoy precision, reliability, and advanced filtration features tailored for the unique irrigation needs of Kenyan farms and gardens.


Key Features 2 way arrow dripper:


  1. Dual Functionality: The 2 way Arrow Drippers Set excels in both farm and garden irrigation applications, seamlessly integrating with drip irrigation systems for efficient water distribution.
  2. Arrow-Shaped Precision: Embrace the arrow-like design of these drippers, featuring two types—bend (crooked) and straight arrows. This unique shape enhances precision in guiding water flow during irrigation.
  3. Front-End Length: The front-end arrow part, measuring approximately 10cm, serves as a practical guide, easily inserted into the soil or cultivation medium for precise water delivery to your plants.
  4. Convenient Handle Length: With a handle length of about 5cm, these arrow drippers offer user-friendly installation and manipulation, ensuring a hassle-free irrigation experience.
  5. Labyrinth Flow Channel: Benefit from a fine labyrinth flow channel within the handle, optimizing water flow and guaranteeing uniform distribution across your agricultural or garden area.
  6. Enhanced Design by Hortitechno: Opt for the advanced features of Hortitechno’s arrow drippers, featuring handles with integrated filters at the starting point. This innovative design ensures a pure water supply, promoting the health and vitality of your plants.
  7. Seamless Integration: The handle section effortlessly inserts into a fine hose with an inner diameter of approximately 3mm, creating a seamless connection for a reliable and efficient irrigation system.


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