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HDPE pipes in Kenya

Premium HDPE Pipe

HDPE pipes offer a robust and long-lasting solution for your piping needs.

Butterfly Sprinklers

Transform Your Garden! Try Our Butterfly Sprinkler for Magical Watering Results.

HDPE fittings

Discover Kenya’s Strongest HDPE Fittings! Unbeatable Price Meets Exceptional Performance

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Top Quality irrigation materials suppliers in Kenya

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“Transform your agriculture with us! For solar dryers, drip installation, soil testing, and irrigation materials solutions in Kenya, contact us now. Your success starts here!”

For unbeatable prices on HDPE pipes, fittings, sprinklers, dam liners, and greenhouse materials in Kenya, contact Hortitechno Irrigation. Transform your agricultural projects with our premium, cost-effective solutions. Reach out today!


Irrigation in Kenya: Elevating Agriculture Through Exceptional Solutions

“Hortitechno Irrigation is a game-changer in Kenya! Their top-notch materials revolutionized our farm. Reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Highly recommend for agribusiness success!”

Abdi Mohamud

Wajir county

“Hortitechno Irrigation offers unbeatable prices on HDPE pipes and fittings in Kenya. Quality products, affordable rates—our go-to choice for irrigation solutions. Highly recommended!”

Dr George Omondi

Lolwe Pur farm

“Absolutely thrilled with the dam liner from HortiTechno! It’s incredibly durable and perfectly fits our needs. Highly recommend!”

June Oliech


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Exploring dam liner options? Connect with us for expert advice and unbeatable deals. Elevate your water containment solutions with confidence.

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